Monday, April 2, 2012

Training: Greening the MLS: Creating Value for Green Features

Greening the MLS: Creating Value for Green Features

Real Estate Agents and Brokers - 2 hrs and AIA - 1 hrs LU|HSW|SD

Date/Time: Thursday May 10th, 9:30am - 11:30am
Location: REI Community Room, 1789 28th St, Boulder
RSVP: Required at
Cost: $20 for Members, $30 non-members

Colorado is leading the nation in collecting green and sustainable information on residential real estate. Green data is currently being collected by 14 of the 16 MLS services in the State and that represents more than 90% of Colorado households. Learn how YOU CAN HELP generate value for your clients and yourself.

What can you do to get value for your green listings?
Building greener homes is only the first step. All of the stakeholders need to work together to insure that green built homes are properly valued by appraises and that builders and investors are fairly compensated.

Marketing certified green features resulted in a 15% increase in value.
When green features are third party verified they bring more value. Learn how green marketing helped real estate agents in the Seattle market achieve 15% more value for green homes over non-green homes.

What is happening in the world of appraisers?
Greening the MLS will highlight what is happening in the world of appraisers that can provide more value for green and energy efficient features. You will learn how you can be part of the solution for fair valuations.

What you need to provide to an appraiser?
Learn what you can do to help appraisers understand and value green properties properly.

Creating value utilizing the MLS
Learn how to complete the new Energy/Green Fields and the Green Features Addendum that are now part of the MLS. Before appraisers can value green features they need data on the sales of green homes and realtors and the building community are a key link to the data. You don’t need to be a “green expert” to help your clients achieve more value for their green homes.

What are “green sustainable” loan products?
Learn about mortgages and loans that are available for green/sustainable homes as well as for green/sustainable home improvements. There is money available at competitive rates for your clients.