Friday, November 28, 2008

Moody's says Colorado not presently in recession

As of September, according to Moody's, Colorado is listed as one of 19 states "at risk" of falling into recession.

More info here:

Building Permits for Housing 3rd Q YTD comparisons

For the first 3 quarters (Jan-Sept) of each year, these are the total housing building permits issued. Colorado only.

Source: Census data. Here's the data online:

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News from The Mountain Mail

The Mountain Mail

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Housing trust gets $50K boost

Casey Mills- Mail Staff Writer

A $50,000 grant recently approved by the Colorado Division of Housing will pay one year of administrative operating expenses allowing Chaffee Housing Trust to get projects "up and running."

Director Read McCulloch said, "Basically it'll keep the lights on, the office running and pay for staff time."

Housing trust officials said they expect the money within six or eight weeks, depending upon holidays.

"Being a brand new organization, it's all about capacity building," McCulloch said. "What this means is the trust can operate for the next year and get housing projects up and running."

Chaffee Housing Trust is a non-profit group interested in providing affordable housing to county residents through a community land trust model. The concept is that the trust owns the land and consumers purchase affordable homes built on it.