Monday, June 25, 2012

Housing News Digest, June 25

Wildfire forces thousands from homes near Colorado Springs
A fast-growing wildfire has forced thousands of residents from homes in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and nearby communities as firefighters struggled on Sunday to contain out-of-control and wind-stoked blazes in several western U.S. states.

Realtor: Northern Colorado housing market growing again LOVELAND — These are unprecedented times to buy and sell real estate, according to those who buy and sell. Coming off a 5-year slump that saw home prices and home sales slide, the Fort Collins and Loveland market has equalized and started to grow with average sale prices up about 1 percent, record low interest rates at about 3.75 percent and decreasing inventory, said Eric Thompson, president of The Group Real Estate.

 In suburban America, middle class begins to confront poverty BOULDER, Colo. - The small communities that dot the picturesque mountain landscape outside Boulder, Colo., conjure up an image from long before the great recession. Here the manicured lawns and expensive cars are a testament to the achievements of a fiercely independent and educated middle class; a 21st century version of suburban bliss. But often these days, the closed doors of well-kept houses hide a decidedly different reality: hushed conversation about food stamps and Medicaid, depleted bank accounts and 401K’s, kitchen shelves stocked with groceries from food pantries.

 Murky foreclosure process kicks Colorado woman out of home But aside from the emotional strain of being kicked out of her home, Hoffman experienced another problem: The lender that was trying to evict her was not the lender she had signed her mortgage agreement with. “My mortgage had been bought and sold so many times,” she explained. “It was unclear who the lender was and it’s still unclear today.” In fact her home, which is about 30 miles from downtown Denver, sat empty for months -- and not because no one wanted to buy it. She says her multiple lenders were fighting over ownership and thus couldn’t transfer title.

 Commerce City wants to register owners of foreclosed houses Commerce City officials are looking for new ways to address abandoned and foreclosed single-family homes. City Council is developing a registration program that would make it easier to track who is in charge of vacant, abandoned and foreclosed houses in the city.