Thursday, June 14, 2012

Housing News Digest, June 14

Foreclosures sales hit 5-year low Foreclosure filings were up in Colorado during May, but foreclosure auction sales fell to a five-year low, according to a state report released today. The Colorado Division of Housing report showed that foreclosure filings in Colorado’s metropolitan counties were up 12.8 percent last month compared to May of 2011, rising from 2,002 to 2,259.

 Obama's foreclosure program drawing fewer from Colorado The number of Colorado homeowners who entered the Obama Administration’s flagship program to keep people out of foreclosure fell by 38.6 percent in April from compared with April 2011, according to the latest report released by the government. The Making Home Affordable report shows 994 homeowners in Colorado entered the first part of the Home Affordable Mortgage Program, better known as HAMP, compared with 1,619 homeowners entering the required active trial part of the program in April 2011. However, the number of people entering the program in April rose by almost 10 percent from the 906 in March

 Completed foreclosures in Colorado hit five-year low (Denver Post) Foreclosure auction sales in Colorado hit a five-year low in May while foreclosure filings were up, according to a report released today by the Colorado Division of Housing . Foreclosure filings are the initial filing that begins the foreclosure process. Foreclosure auction sales totals are the total number of foreclosures that have been sold at auction at the end of the foreclosure process.

Weld foreclosure filings down as state average goes up (Greeley Trib) In a month where foreclosure filings were up in Colorado, Weld County bucked the trend. Foreclosure filings were up 12.8 percent in Colorado in May when compared to May of last year. In Weld, fillings were down 15.8 percent, according to a Colorado Division of Housing report released today. “So much of these stats are rollercoaster, where they vary from month to month,” said Matt Revitte of Pro Realty, 806 8th St., unit A. “I can tell you that the housing market in Weld County appears to be firming up and gaining more traction.”

 Completed Colorado foreclosures hit 5-year low in May(Northern Colorado Business Report) In Larimer County, both measures rose year-over-year in May. Foreclosure filings were up 15.8 percent from 95 in May 2011 to 110. Foreclosure sales were up 2.8 percent, but just one sale, from 36 to 37. Weld County's number looked better in May than in May of the previous year. Foreclosure filings fell 4.1 percent from 145 in May 2011 to 139 in the same period of 2012. Foreclosure sales decreased 7 percent from 71 to 66.