Friday, May 11, 2012

Release of state plan addressing homelessness

A letter form the office of Governor John Hickenlooper:

Dear valued partner:

As you know, over the past year, we have been working with various partners from around the state to develop our first state plan addressing homelessness. Pathways Home Colorado reflects the beliefs and aspirations of Coloradans to become more strategic in how we prevent and end homelessness together. While the plan is not a ten-year plan, the coming years are critical as Colorado state government becomes a partner in building capacity and creating solutions for those who are vulnerable.

Of course, Pathways Home Colorado in its present form is not the final form of the document. We hope that over the years, the document will continue to evolve, as we achieve our goals and gather more information. That is why we are writing to you today. We are hoping that you will help to provide the final feedback for our plan. Furthermore, we are also asking people to help us to title the Plan as well. You can do that here.

You can find Pathways Home Colorado here, on the Homeless Prevention Team site via the Colorado Division of Housing (DOH). There, you will find a link to share your comments and questions about the plan. We encourage everyone to do so.

We are very appreciative of everyone who has participated in this process. This document truly embodies the Coloradan spirit. Special thanks go to the members of the Homeless Prevention Team at DOH. Their work each day is helping individuals around Colorado to become and stay housed. Finally, we want to thank Cara Cheevers and Adam Zarrin, AmeriCorps VISTA members who have spent this past year, helping us to shape and draft the Plan, as well as many of our state initiatives around homelessness.

We appreciate any suggestions you may have in our effort to effectively address homelessness across our state. Please forward this on to your contacts.

Thank you for your time, and all that you do.

Jamie Van Leeuwen                                        Gary Sanford
Senior Advisor                                                   Advisor on Homeless Initiatives
Office of Governor John Hickenlooper   Office of Governor John Hickenlooper
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