Monday, March 21, 2011

New grant awards in Boulder and Crowley counties

In Crowley County:

The Department of Local Affairs has announced that an additional $10,700 in CDBG funds has been awarded to Crowley County for the following project:

Crowley County, on behalf of the Tri-County Housing and Community Development Organization (TCHCDC), received an additional $10,700 to cover program administrative costs in order that staff may comply with the SAFE Act. In October 2009 Crowley County received a CDBG grant of $302,523 to continue the funding of their three-county (Bent, Crowley and Otero) Single-family, Owner-Occupied Rehabilitation Program for households at 80% of Area Median Income. The new grant funds will be used to provide low-interest loans for twenty-five (25) rehabilitation projects and five (5) essential repairs. This SFOO Rehabilitation Program has received funding from the Colorado Division of Housing since 1991 and has completed the rehabilitation of over 400 owner- occupied homes.

In Boulder County:

The Department of Local Affairs has announced that $400,000 in HOME CHDO Reserve (AKA CHDO set aside) (HMCR) funds have been awarded to Boulder County for the following project:

Longmont Housing Development Corporation (LHDC) has received a grant of $400,000 in HOME CHDO set aside funds to assist in the new construction of 50 units of affordable senior rental housing in Longmont with the following unit mix: 49 one-bedroom units for households at or below 50 percent area median income, and 1 unrestricted two-bedroom for a resident manager. The project will utilize HUD 202 project funding and will include rental assistance for 49 units.