Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Housing News Digest, July 5

Job cuts at major banks intensify
Hundreds of bankers will lose their jobs over coming weeks, victims of what senior bosses say is likely to be an industry-wide culling of staff in response to a sharp downturn in demand for trading and investment banking services.

Deadline getting closer for new home loan help

DENVER - People in Colorado have access to $41 million of new help for struggling homeowners and the deadline to apply is getting closer.

The federal government is offering a new helping hand and it is called the Emergency Homeowners Loan Program (EHLP).

Broker questions SDS deals

A Pueblo home builder and real estate broker who actually supports the Southern Delivery System says Colorado Springs is violating a county agreement in dealing with Pueblo West landowners.

“As a real estate broker, I can see they’re misleading the public on what they’re doing, and I don’t have a problem saying that,” said Branson Haney, who owns two undeveloped lots along the SDS route. “The threat of eminent domain has always been on the table, and they have never entered negotiations.”

Census: Aurora buying homes, but rental rate still high

• Aurora residents own their homes at about the same rate as the rest of the state. In Aurora, 61,550 households own their home with a mortgage, a total of 50.5 percent. Statewide, about 1 million of Colorado’s households own their home, a total of 50.9 percent. But, the data shows, Aurora residents are more likely to rent than the rest of the state and less likely to own their home free and clear. In Aurora, 40 percent of households rent, compared to 34.5 percent statewide, and just 9.4 percent of households own their home free and clear, compared to 14.6 percent statewide.

Parker apartments sell for $34M
The 18.65-acre Trailside Village Apartments, 18289 E. Mainstreet, was sold by USA Trailside LLC, a tenants-in-common group of individual investors, to Trailside Holdings LLC and Wasatch Pool Holdings, a part of the Utah-based Wasatch Premier Properties.