Friday, October 28, 2011

The Colorado State Brownfields Conference

November 14-15 at the Arvada Center.

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The Colorado State Brownfields Conference
provides a forum to educate communities, local governments,
and businesses about opportunities for economic revitalization.

Emerging economic conditions and associated changes
in the real estate development climate create opportunities
to foster community reinvestment, regional partnerships,
and creative partnering.
This conference will explore the issues around policy, planning
and implementation of economic redevelopment projects.

Continuing Education Credits:
Real Estate (15 hrs); CLE (15 hrs); APA/AICP (pending)

Conference Highlights...

Real Estate Due Diligence & Liability Protection
Public Policies Impacting Redevelopment
Colorado's Blueprint for Economic Development
Renewable Energy Technology & Finance
ASARCO Redevelopment, Globeville, CO
Mining Reclamation/Good Samaritan Legislation
Funding Sources for Efficient Remediation
Lamar Station Transit Oriented Development
Sustainable Reuse of Brownfields Properties
Redesign, Reinvest & Redevelop Longmont
We're From The Government. We're Here To Help
Legal Update on Laws Related to Brownfields
Mountains of Success: Repurposing Mining-related Sites