Friday, June 3, 2011

Per capita personal income in Colorado counties: 2009 totals and ten-year change

In April, the US Bureau of Economic Analysis released its estimates for personal income per capital in Colorado and in metro areas. In this article, I'll look at county-by-county comparisons of personal income per capita and at 10-year growth rates.

Statewide personal income data is released quarterly, but local personal income data is available through 2009.

The first map shows per capita personal income broken out into four categories:
Yellow- More than $50K
Orange - $40K-$50K
Green - $30K-$40K
Brown - Less than $30K
Basically, the darker colors show lower income levels.

Not surprisingly, Pitkin County and Douglas County were some of the top counties for personal income. Counties with the lowest per capita personal incomes tended to be found in the southern half of the state, although Weld County showed a per capita income of 27,186, making it the lowest-income county of all the larger metropolitan counties.

Crowley County showed the lowest per capita personal income at $15,036.

The second map shows the percentage increase in per capita personal income over the ten year period from 2000-2009. Counties are broken out into four categories by magnitude of change:
Yellow- More than 50%
Orange - 40% to 50%
Green - 30% to 40%
Brown - Less than 30%

One of the first things we notice is that many of the lower-income counties showed the highest rates of increase in income over the ten-year period. Much of this can be attributed to the fact that in a county with a small income level, even a small change in income level can produce a sizable percentage change.

However, some counties stand out when comparing overall income levels with change over time. Douglas County has shown both a high income level and a relatively large change over time, with a ten-year increase in income of 33 percent. Clear Creek County was among the top income states, and also showed one of the largest increases with a ten-year increase of 54 percent.

Weld County, on the other hand was the lowest-income metro county and also showed one of the smalled increases over time, with a ten-year change of 6.5 percent.

Crowley County, the lowest-income county (by this measure) also showed the smallest increase over this period. Indeed, Crowley County's percentage change was negative, with a drop of 5 percent in per capita personal income over the ten-year period.

Information on all counties can be found in the table below.

For Colorado statewide, the per capita personal income in 2009 was $41,895 and the ten year change was +23 percent.

CountyPer Cap Pers IncomePct Growth 2000-2009
Adams, CO31,72716.60051452
Alamosa, CO32,26551.31548094
Arapahoe, CO48,48011.81585442
Archuleta, CO29,34446.58807074
Baca, CO34,99040.77084004
Bent, CO22,77719.77808162
Boulder, CO48,05617.00998296
Broomfield, CO37,13512.82433007
Chaffee, CO32,76646.30944407
Cheyenne, CO47,30962.83127969
Clear Creek, CO54,68254.84948886
Conejos, CO25,62058.66724469
Costilla, CO31,16763.21219103
Crowley, CO15,036-5.267137097
Custer, CO34,23252.70553598
Delta, CO29,66538.57616667
Denver, CO51,63030.45785324
Dolores, CO31,38556.18313013
Douglas, CO59,35833.68316742
Eagle, CO45,80718.58189443
El Paso, CO38,26626.70860927
Elbert, CO42,35230.89785195
Fremont, CO26,03235.88766508
Garfield, CO37,09927.57565337
Gilpin, CO40,80817.33854736
Grand, CO39,02331.83891348
Gunnison, CO34,26644.61278751
Hinsdale, CO37,52554.61475072
Huerfano, CO27,16654.45758472
Jackson, CO42,89591.80379181
Jefferson, CO45,83418.30266113
Kiowa, CO45,06241.29119242
Kit Carson, CO31,33823.48490819
La Plata, CO39,76940.77023822
Lake, CO26,50425.30257186
Larimer, CO37,84422.89806125
Las Animas, CO29,81942.5518692
Lincoln, CO28,62256.33602797
Logan, CO33,64736.40491345
Mesa, CO34,79136.08840211
Mineral, CO33,10942.64971995
Moffat, CO38,46963.06642364
Montezuma, CO32,50241.98593334
Montrose, CO30,26432.03612408
Morgan, CO29,95836.83200877
Otero, CO31,78740.60067233
Ouray, CO42,14254.21378124
Park, CO33,45210.79389262
Phillips, CO32,51825.39235723
Pitkin, CO84,26421.71250289
Prowers, CO31,02638.19428979
Pueblo, CO31,61334.79299024
Rio Blanco, CO42,88259.8702606
Rio Grande, CO34,79356.11342935
Routt, CO49,13943.30834962
Saguache, CO21,11835.80707395
San Juan, CO38,70554.3323099
San Miguel, CO47,82732.46274857
Sedgwick, CO43,37967.02860883
Summit, CO41,78916.02576561
Teller, CO42,16136.8685885
Washington, CO36,46162.25802145
Weld, CO27,1866.544912996
Yuma, CO35,44631.55433492

Note: Personal income is the income received by all persons from all sources. Personal income is the sum of net earnings by place of residence, property income, and personal current transfer receipts. Total personal income will rise as population rises, even if household incomes are declining. Property income is rental income of persons, personal dividend income, and personal interest income. Net earnings is earnings by place of work (the sum of wage and salary disbursements, supplements to wages and salaries, and proprietors' income) less contributions for government social insurance, plus an adjustment to convert earnings by place of work to a place-of-residence basis. Personal income is measured before the deduction of personal income taxes and other personal taxes and is reported in current dollars (no adjustment is made for inflation).