Friday, February 28, 2014

Request for Bids: Metro Denver "Single-Family" Vacancy and Rent Survey

Closes March 5, 2014 

You must bid through the system. Look under Department of Local Affairs. 


Vendors not registered in the Colorado BIDS systems will not be able to access the attached files or be able to submit a response for consideration.

The Division of Housing (DOH) is a statewide housing agency which operates within the Colorado Department of Local Affairs.  DOH is seeking surveys of metro Denver rents and vacancies in single family homes, duplexes, triplexes, fourplexes, townhomes, and condos. The data sets from these surveys will assist the DOH staff and the State Housing Board members in making funding decisions of affordable housing projects, to evaluate success and to identify the most at-need communities. 

All questions must be via email attn: no later than the 3rd of March at 2pm. 2: Respondents to this solicitation shall ensure ALL emailed responses arrive no later than 2pm on March 5th MT. Any submissions received after this date will not be considered for award. 3: If modifications are made to the solicitation, it is the sole responsibility of the respondent to monitor the BIDS site and make changes to their submission accordingly. Failure to retrieve such modifications (if any) and to include in responses, may result in the disqualification of the response. 4: All submission requirements are noted in the attached specifications and bidders are expected to evidence ability to meet the Scope of the Work described. 5: Questions submitted and DOLA responses will be posted as a modification on BIDS prior to the submission deadline