Thursday, June 13, 2013

Zillow: First Quarter 2013 Negative Equity Stats for Colorado

Zillow has released its first quarter 2013 report on underwater mortgages in Colorado and Colorado counties. Click here for the itneractive map.

We can see that among the metropolitan counties, Mesa County shows the highest rate for underwater mortgages at 36 percent. Other counties with high rates during the first quarter were Weld County (32%), Pueblo County (33%), and Adams County (31%).

Among smaller counties with high rates of underwater mortghages, we find Garfield County with a rate of 45% and Otero County at 34%.

The metro counties with the lowest underwater rates were Larimer County (12%), Boulder County (11%), and Jefferson and Douglas County, both at 14 percent.

Not surprisingly, there's a correlation between counties with high rates of underwater mortgages, and counties with high foreclosure rates.