Tuesday, June 4, 2013

More than half of new multifamily permitting in Colorado in 2013 is in Denver County

According to the Census Bureau, new county-by-county permit data through April shows that 58 percent of multifmaily permit activity this year has taken place in Denver County alone. Using the county-by-county stats from the Census Bureau, we see that there have been 1,911 multifamily permits issued in Denver County this year. That's 58 percent of the 3,270 total permits reported by all counties surveyed. 

This article is about multifamily permits only. 

Other counties that reported a sizable amount of multifamily activity were Arapahoe, Broomfield, El Paso, and Larimer Counties. Little multifamily permitting activity was reported in other counties.

Multifamily permit totals for metropolitan counties in Colorado were (Jan-April 2013):

Adams 0
Arapahoe 248
Boulder 105
Broomfield 367
Denver 1,911
Douglas 0
El Paso 260
Jefferson 89
Larimer 266
Mesa 0
Pueblo 0
Weld 24

Year-to-year growth: 

Total permits were up 34 percent statewide from Jan-Apr 2012 to Jan-Apr 2013. 

Year-over-year growth rate for each county (Jan-April 2012 to Jan-Apr 2013):

Adams -100 percent
Arapahoe +406 percent
Boulder -67 percent
Broomfield +151 percent
Denver +142 percent
Douglas -100 percent
El Paso -17 percent
Jefferson +1,102 percent (from 8 to 89)
Larimer +533 percent
Mesa No change (zero)
Pueblo  No change (zero)
Weld +380 percent 

It's still a bit early in the year to make many predictions, but Denver County clearly continues to be a hot spot for new development, and for their sizes, Broomfield County and Larimer County continue to be active as well. This trend simply continues what we saw last year for these three counties. 

See here for full data. 

Note: This county-by-county data will not match up with statewide data shown here, due to differences in methods.