Friday, May 31, 2013

How Colorado compares in the National Financial Capability Study

The FINRA foundation recently released its 2012 report on Financial Capability.

The report also broke out each state for several metrics. here are some:

The first box shows the number of Colorado individuals who are saving money, versus those who are spending more than their income. Note that Colorado's rate of individuals running a deficit is pretty much equal to the national rate:

 The percentage of Coloradans with a rainy day fund is slightly above the national rate:

 When it comes to home equity, 16 percent of Coloradan surveyed reporting having a home that was underwater, while the rate was 14 percent nationwide. A rate of 16% is in the middle between the high of 35 percent underwater found in Nevada, and the low of 6 percent underwater found in Oklahoma.


 See the complete graphic profile here.

 If we delve into the more detailed data, we find some other points of interest:

 5 percent of Coloradans surveyed were "involved in a foreclosure process on your home in the last 2 years" compared to 4 percent nationwide.

 16 percent of Coloradans have been late on a mortgage payment in the last two years, compared to 21 percent nationwide.

 The number of Coloradans with a mortgage on the home was significantly higher than was the case nationwide. In Colorado, the rate was 73 percent, and it was 60 percent nationwide.

 21 percent of Coloradans surveyed purchased the house some time from 2008 to 2012, versus 20 percent nationwide. 40 percent of Colorado homeowners purchased the home before 2000, compared to 44 percent nationwide.

 There's more data at the site.

 Colorado is similar to the nation overall in a variety of ways, although, as we see, there are some areas of divergence, as in teh number of self-employed. 12% of Coloradans are self-employed, compared to 8 percent nationwide.