Friday, March 22, 2013

Single-family permitting in Douglas, Jefferson and Larimer counties outpaces state growth

According to the Census Bureau's year-to-date total through December 2012, the most active counties for single-family permits in Colorado, when adjusted for each County's total household numbers, were Douglas, El Paso, Larimer and Weld Counties.

These four counties have reported the highest single-family permitting rate for several months.

All counties, when adjusted for the existing number households in each county: (New single-family permits per household (x1,000)):

Douglas 15.9
Weld 11.3
Chaffee 10.1
Park 9.8
El Paso 9.8
Larimer 9.2
Broomfield 7.2
Mesa 6.1
Routt 5.5
Elbert 5.3
Adams 4.6
Arapahoe 4.1
Denver 3.8
Teller 3.7
Jefferson 3.7
Pueblo 2.7
Boulder 2.2

Of the 11,029 new single-family permits issued through December 2012, more than one-third of them (36 percent) were issued in El Paso and Douglas counties alone.

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New single-family permits during January-December 2012:
El Paso 2,373
Douglas 1,667

Adams 727
Arapahoe 945
Boulder 269
Broomfield 160
Chaffee 77
Denver 1056
Elbert 0
Jefferson 814
Larimer 1135
Mesa 358
Park 70
Pueblo 172
Routt 54
Teller 37
Weld 1033

(Note: All permits discussed in this article are single-family permits.)

Statewide, single-family permits increased in 2012 by about 50 percent. Most of the metro counties' year-over-year increases were similar to this. In Douglas County, however, the year over year increase was 73 percent, and it was 86 percent in Jefferson County. In Larimer County, the increase was 62 percent.

See here for full data.