Thursday, March 28, 2013

Almost half of single-family permits this year issued in Douglas, El Paso and Larimer counties

According to the Census Bureau's year-to-date total through February 2013, the most active counties for single-family permits in Colorado, when adjusted for each County's total household numbers, were Douglas, Weld, El Paso, and Larimer counties.

These four counties have reported the highest single-family permitting rate for several months.

All counties, when adjusted for the existing number households in each county: (New single-family permits per household (x1,000)):

Douglas 2.07
Weld 2.06
Larimer 1.8
El Paso 1.7
Mesa 1.1
Broomfield 0.8
Adams 0.7
Arapahoe 0.8
Denver 0.6
Jefferson 0.6
Pueblo 0.4
Boulder 0.2

Of the 1,847 new single-family permits issued through February 2013, almost half of them (47 percent) were issued in El Paso, Larimer and Douglas counties alone.

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New single-family permits during January-February 2013:
El Paso 435
Douglas 217
Larimer 225

Adams 109
Arapahoe 199
Boulder 30
Broomfield 18
Denver 171
Jefferson 139
Mesa 65
Pueblo 28
Weld 189

(Note: All permits discussed in this article are single-family permits.)

The largest year-over-year (Jan-Feb 2012 to Jan-Feb 2013) increases in single-family permit activity were found in Larimer (110 percent), Arapahoe (103 percent), El Paso (79 percent) and Jeffesron (78 percent.)

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