Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Homeless Prevention Activities Program

As the time of year comes again where we all find ourselves preparing our taxes, please consider participating in making a voluntary check-off donation as the Colorado Department of Local Affairs, Division of Housing, has joined forces with the 11th annual Checkoff Colorado campaign to raise money for the Homeless Prevention Activities Fund; the campaign is a statewide effort aimed at preventing homelessness for Colorado's most vulnerable citizens.

The Homeless Prevention Activities Program
(HPAP), enacted in 1989 by the Colorado General Assembly, provides assistance to households at risk of losing their homes without some kind of community assistance. Through voluntary contributions on their Colorado tax returns, Colorado residents can help non-profit organizations throughout the state provide services to eligible clients.

Please visit our page on Checkoff Colorado's website for more information the HPAP:

Please take a minute when completing your taxes to "check the box" for those households that we can prevent from becoming homeless in Colorado. For those not completing their own taxes, please tell your tax preparer about the HPAP to ensure that your intended donation is made.

Also, take a moment to "like" the HPAP page on Facebook and help to spread the word!