Tuesday, February 5, 2013

New Portfolio Manager at CDOH

The Department of Local Affairs, Division of Housing (DOH) is pleased to announce Carrie Kronberg as its new Portfolio Manager. In Carrie's new role, she will manage the DOH asset management team and DOH's portfolio of federal and state grants and loans. Carrie brings experience managing federal and state housing contracts in both Colorado and California to her new role with DOH.

Carrie came to Colorado in 2005 to advance her education in affordable housing, civic projects and sustainable development. Carrie earned Master degrees in both Architecture and Urban Design from the University of Colorado, Denver. She also has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Urban Studies and Planning from the University of California, San Diego.

As with her educational pursuits, Carrie's professional experience has focused on creating new and sustainable housing opportunities for those in need. Before joining the Division of Housing in 2011 in asset management, Carrie worked for Sonoma County Community Development Commission where she managed the compliance of federal HOME and CDBG funded housing developments. Carrie's lifetime commitment to affordable housing is also seen in her volunteer work building housing in the colonias of Mexico and housing for the homeless in Santa Rosa, California.