Friday, January 25, 2013

Job Opening: Emergency Family Assistance Association

Emergency Family Assistance Association (EFAA) is in search of the next Executive Director for this enduring and exceptional nonprofit organization which serves thousands of families in Boulder and Broomfield Counties.  EFAA seeks a leader who will bring to the position of Executive Director a high degree of energy, integrity and creativity as well as the analytical, organizational and personal qualities that will garner the respect and cooperation from all of its constituencies.


The Executive Director will be responsible for the overall direction and strategy for the Emergency Family Assistance Association. The Executive Director will work closely and effectively with the Board of Directors and other constituencies. This individual will be responsible for new ideas and initiatives that advance the goals of EFAA.   In addition, the Executive Director will be charged with maintaining the financial health and integrity of the organization as well as long-term financial planning.

The Executive Director is responsible for managing day-to-day operations at EFAA, providing support to the Board of Directors and committees of the Board and building the organization’s image in Boulder and Broomfield Counties.  Areas of responsibility include human resources management, strategic/operational planning, fundraising, financial management, public relations and Board of Directors support and development.

More specifically, the Executive Director will:

  • Develop strategic organizational objectives for approval by the Board, oversee the implementation and periodically measure the implementation against the objectives.

  • Provide leadership in the development of the Emergency Family Assistance Association’s Board, staff, volunteers, partners and program participants, engaging all towards the vision and mission of the organization including assisting with the recruitment and training of new Board Members.

  • Oversee and coordinate the development of annual operating budgets, long range budgets, and capital budgets along with the implementation and continuous monitoring of the organization’s budget.

·        Provide for the development and implementation of a comprehensive fundraising and donor relations strategy.  As a critical piece of this, engage in identifying state, federal, corporate, foundation and individual donor prospects, and build relationships as needed. Identify and generate major gifts. Plan for the creation of an endowment and a planned giving effort.

  • Through the management of a strategic communications program, optimize the public image and overall awareness of the Emergency Family Assistance Association’s mission and increase public engagement with the organization.

·         Increase awareness and education of constituencies regarding public policies impacting clients and programs.

  • Initiate and develop partnerships and other relationships with leaders in the field of social services and related organizations.

  • Hire, lead and manage the staff of the Emergency Family Assistance Association, providing performance measures and career development. Create a results- and team-oriented environment that both challenges people to succeed and rewards outstanding performance.


·         A minimum of 7 years of experience in senior leadership positions with a clear record of achievement
·         Experience as an executive director in the nonprofit sector is highly preferred
·         A recognized leader within the nonprofit sector of Colorado
·         A proven fundraiser with a track record of success
·         An outstanding manager who motivates the team to deliver exceptional performance
·         Ability to develop and maintain a long-term financial plan which will allow for sustained success of the organization
·         Experience working with a Board of Directors, and in shepherding the talents of a complex group of volunteers and other supporters who may have different priorities and agendas
·         Highly comfortable working and communicating with diverse audiences, such as clients, high net worth individuals, corporate leaders, volunteers and other constituencies
·         Ability to demonstrate understanding of external factors and trends that impact EFAA’s clients and operating environment:  social policy; governmental funding trends, economic and labor market trends; nonprofit and philanthropic trends, etc.
·         Ability to network and build partnerships
·         Strong organizational and planning skills and an orientation to detail
·         Superior writing and communication skills that are effective reaching a range of audiences
·         Supports best practices in governance and operations, including transparency and accountability
·         Adheres to a strong ethical orientation
·         Bachelor’s degree required; a Master’s degree is preferred

Personal Attributes
·         Has a passion for the mission of Emergency Family Assistance Association
·         Is able to articulate a vision for the organization and inspire enthusiasm in and support for the mission in others
·         Demonstrates a commitment to diversity and inclusiveness
·         Is entrepreneurial and driven, with experience motivating and organizing people and projects while operating with limited resources
·         Has the ability to see and understand multiple perspectives of a situation
·         Is comfortable with people from all walks of life

Mission:  EFAA helps those in our community whose immediate needs for food, shelter and other basic necessities cannot adequately be met by other means, and supports their efforts toward financial stability or self-sufficiency.

Since 1918, EFAA has been the community safety net for families who have nowhere else to turn when they can't meet their basic needs. It is a hub of the social-service support network in Boulder and Broomfield Counties.  EFAA focuses on prevention, collaborating with other agencies and organizations to coordinate, plan and implement its services.  With years of experience and a well-earned reputation for successfully linking clients to appropriate resources that often go unnoticed, EFAA caseworkers are experts at helping families navigate the system.
EFAA has two programs: Basic Needs and Shelter.  The Basic Needs Program operates a food bank; provides assistance to pay for rent, utility bills, bus transportation and minor medical expenses; provides good used and new furniture to assist families in setting up a household; connects families with other needed resources.  The Shelter Program provides emergency and transitional housing for families.

Other Important Factors
·         EFAA consists of a dedicated Board of Directors, a staff of about 24, and hundreds of committed volunteers.
·         The 2012 operating budget is approximately $4 million.  Because EFAA is highly efficient, with a strong emphasis on volunteers and in-kind donations, 86% of every dollar donated goes to program services.
·         EFAA is a financially stable organization that enjoys strong community support from a wide group of individuals, businesses, foundations, civic and community organizations, faith communities, schools and youth organizations. 
·         EFAA supports an organizational culture that values: diversity and inclusiveness; open and honest communication; treating each other and clients with respect, dignity and compassion; flexibility; kindness and caring; collaboration; and being client-focused.  EFAA is a results-oriented, data-driven organization that supports accountability at organizational, team and individual levels and is focused on continuous improvement. The work environment is casual, but professional, with high expectations for ethical behavior, integrity and dedication to the mission. As important, staff members enjoy each other’s company and a healthy sense of humor is a necessary asset.

§    The opportunity to use the sum of your life’s experience and knowledge to capitalize on the significant accomplishments of Emergency Family Assistance Association and continue to develop it as the leader in the social-service support network in Boulder and Broomfield Counties
§    Partnering with an active board that has demonstrated substantial and consistent dedication to EFAA
§    Collaborating and partnering with a wide array of local and state organizations
§    Working with a highly professional staff that is passionate about the work and committed to the cause
§    Salary of $100,000, or commensurate with experience, and a generous benefits package

By midnight, Friday, February 1, 2013, please forward, via email, your resume and cover letter
(addressing how you meet “What we are looking for” and including salary requirements) to the EFAA Executive Transition Consultant: christinesoto@comcast.netAll application information must be received via email with “Executive Director-EFAA” in the subject line. No hard copies or phone calls, please.

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