Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Monthly Update from the Realtors: Median price up in all metros but Pueblo

The monthly housing summary from the National Association of Realtors for October 2012 is now available. Metro Denver and northern Colorado show price increases and sizable inventory declines. Pueblo, on the other hand, showed a decline in the median price, year over year, while the Colorado Springs median price was flat over the same period.

MSA_City MedianPrice MedianPrice_YY  Listings Listings_YY
Denver  CO $265 000 6.00%  7 317 -22.90%
Colorado Springs  CO $225 000 0.04%  3 961 -7.66%
Boulder-Longmont  CO $380 000 2.95%    1 983 -28.29%
Fort Collins-Loveland  CO $272 000 2.64%    2 380 -8.27%
Pueblo  CO $140 000 -3.38%  1 089 -14.03%

There are few surprises here. As I mentioned yesterday, the Colorado Springs purchase housing market has shown some weakness compared to metro Denver. Much of this is driven by the employment situation in each metro area, which is strongest in Ft. Collins-Loveland and Boulder, and weaker in Colorado Springs and Pueblo.