Monday, November 1, 2010

Jefferson County receives $134,250 in HDG funds

The Colorado Department of Local Affairs has announced that $134,250.00 in HDG funds has been awarded to Jefferson County for the following project: The Jefferson Center for Mental Health (JCMH) will receive a grant of $134,250 to rehabilitate Jefferson Apartments, which they purchased in October 2009. It has 11 units – 9 one bedroom apartments and 2 two bedrooms. These apartments will be available to people who receive services at JCMH and who have demonstrated their readiness for independent living. JCMH property management will provide building supervision, and JCMH case managers will support their consumers to ensure their success in this environment. Rehab work will include replacing a 39-year old boiler; bringing the boiler room up to code; replacing single-pane windows & exterior doors; replacing two exterior staircases; repairing concrete & decks; and replacing the roof, gutters & downspouts.