Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Job Opening -Greccio Housing

Non-Profit Executive Director - Affordable Housing

Greccio Housing is a Colorado nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization and one of the oldest nonprofit affordable housing providers in the region. Through our public-private partnerships, donations, and volunteer efforts, Greccio purchases and rehabilitates rental properties and rents them at reduced rates to qualified, low-income individuals, couples, and families with children. Greccio’s goal is to double the number of housing units it owns and expand its supportive services to over 1200 residents within the next 3 years. Since its inception, 20 years ago, Greccio has provided shelter for over 4950 people.

Greccio fulfills its mission through its two interlocking programs: the Affordable Housing Program and the Resident Enrichment Program. By offering these programs in tandem, Greccio offers affordable rental housing to qualified, low-income families and individuals along with the tools, resources and a foundation of support that empower residents to lead more independent, productive, and fulfilled lives.

We are seeking an experienced Executive Director who will:

• Work closely with the Board of Directors to recommend goals and solutions and to implement organizational initiatives.
• Provide leadership, development and motivation to staff and oversee all management of Greccio Housing and its programs.
• Analyze, understand and act on financial opportunities with knowledge of the real estate market and the complexity of real estate transactions and funding mechanisms.

The ideal candidate will posses:

• A background in Housing Development, Real Estate Acquisition and Rehabilitation and Property Management within the affordable housing market.
• Previous Experience in a leadership position within a Non-Profit environment.
• Personnel management and development experience with an understanding of HR regulations.
• Experience presenting to the public both verbally and in writing in a PR capacity with poise and passion.
• Proven relationships that consist of leading/collaborating with community leaders and funding parties within Colorado.
• Strong Financial Management skills including budget creation and management and P&L responsibilities as demonstrated by past business success.
• A commitment to the community and the stabilization and enrichment of the lives of Greccio clients.

This is an opportunity for a leader to continue to build on the past success of a highly respected non-profit to serve a community that is experiencing the greatest level of need within our 20 year history.

This position will commence in Fall 2010. Compensation includes Salary, Medical, Dental, Life Ins., and PTO. No Relocation costs will be paid.
Submit Résumé, Letter of Interest and Salary Requirements to: GreccioHsgED@gmail.com