Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Updates to the Foreclosure Deferment Program

The Foreclosure Deferment Program (Colorado Revised Statutes, 38-38-801) is in the process of being modified and updated in accordance with recent changes mandated by House Bil 10-1240.

Among other things, the bill modifies the document to be posted by the holder on the doors of foreclosing homes. The document has been updated and is now posted on the Division of Housing's main web site: http://dola.colorado.gov/cdh/foreclosurenotice/index.htm

Please see the legislation for additional provisions: http://dola.colorado.gov/cdh/foreclosurenotice/documents/1240_enr.pdf

For additional information and news related to this program, please check this blog in the future or sign up for email updates from the Division of Housing: https://dola.colorado.gov/list_server/cdh_announcement_signup.jsf

Changes and updates can also be found at the web page of the Foreclosure Deferment Program. At the Division of Housing web site, look under "Foreclosure Deferment Program" on the left side of the screen.