Tuesday, May 12, 2009

New Request for Grant Applications From the Division of Housing

New Request for Grant Applications: Building Foreclosure Prevention in Targeted Neighborhoods

The State of Colorado, Department of Local Affairs, Division of Housing ("Department" and "Division", respectively) is seeking proposals from HUD-approved housing counseling agencies or non-profit agencies with experience in foreclosure prevention that can assist in building capacity for foreclosure prevention services in Colorado neighborhoods with substantial low-income Hispanic/Latino and/or African-American populations.

The Colorado Division of Housing seeks to assist local communities in meeting their housing goals and to ensure that Coloradans live in "safe, decent, and affordable housing." The Division does this in part by making grants and loans to local communities; non-profit organizations; for-profit organizations; housing authorities; and other organizations seeking to improve the supply and quality of affordable housing in Colorado.

In recent years, assisting non-profits and local communities with foreclosure prevention has been a priority for the Colorado Division of Housing. The Division is partnering with the Colorado Foreclosure Hotline and its sponsors to ensure that Coloradans have access to the educational and technical services provided by housing counseling agencies.

Research commissioned by the Colorado Division of Civil Rights has shown that communities with high populations of Latinos and African-Americans often exhibit higher-than average levels of sub-prime lending. The study is available here.

The Request for Grant Applications and the appendix are available here: http://dola.colorado.gov/newsletter/main?newsletter_item_id=1051